6/6/22:I know I said I was gonna update it often but I might get busy with school and finals and stuff so it might stay scuffed for a little while

9/6/22:Holy smokes, 666 people have seen this site, crazy!

10/6/22:No clue what happened but the background is broken now, i'll fix it later

The background fixed itself somehow lmao, still busy with exam season though :^(

15/6/22:Haven't forgot about this site, stuff should get better after next week

7/7/22:I was being goofy

4/8/22: Huuuuuge break, i've been focusing on sports and my phyisical health recently, that being said I'll still update this once in a while

6/9/22: Back to schoool babbbyyyy, actually happy to go to school this year wtff, last year im here though (thank god). i've also started trying my hand at making discord bots, its hard.

4/10/22: Dude i use linux termial, am i cool yet?

6/11/22: English 30-1 was a mistake. THE ONE PIECE IS REAL!|

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